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Welcome to Air Australia

Think you have what it takes to rule the skies? Air Australia will have you up in the air in no time. If you’d rather take it slow, book a flight and get a feel for the plane.
Located at Jandakot Airport, Air Australia are proud to be one of the largest privately owned flying schools in Western Australia. We supply a broad range of exhilarating services, from aircraft hire and training to a variety of charter flights.
With nearly four decades above the clouds, Air Australia is respected for making pilots.
Owner and managing director Charles “Chuck” McElwee lives planes. Having flown fighter aircraft and held management positions in the U.S Navy, his aviation knowledge is rivalled only by his passion.
Whether you are a basic or advanced flyer, our Chief Pilot/Flying Instructor’s knowledge of aircraft training ensures you receive comprehensive and quality instruction. With an enthusiastic team of pilots at our disposal, we offer skilled coaching in all areas of aviation.
Contact or visit us any day of the week to discuss our aviation services.